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Onfido ​raises ​$30m ​for ​identity ​verification ​that ​helps millions ​of ​people ​access ​online ​services

Crane ​leads ​Series ​C ​with ​support ​from ​Microsoft ​Ventures ​and ​current ​investors

– Businesses ​such ​as ​Square, ​Zipcar, ​and ​Revolut ​use ​Onfido’s ​identity ​verification ​to
seamlessly ​onboard ​more ​customers ​and ​scale ​their ​businesses
– New ​funding ​round ​enables ​Onfido’s ​growth ​in ​international ​markets ​and ​new
industries, ​as ​well ​as ​further ​R&D ​in ​machine ​learning ​technology

28th ​September ​2017, ​LONDON ​and ​SAN ​FRANCISCO: Identity ​verification ​provider ​Onfido
today ​announces ​$30M ​in ​funding, ​led ​by ​Crane ​Venture ​Partners ​with ​support ​from ​Microsoft
Ventures, ​Salesforce ​Ventures ​and ​other ​current ​investors. ​The ​funding ​follows ​a ​Series ​B ​round
of ​$25M ​in ​April ​2016, ​allowing ​the ​company ​to ​take ​its ​identity ​verification ​technology ​global.
With ​just ​a ​photo ​of ​an ​identity ​document ​and ​a ​selfie, ​users ​can ​now ​gain ​access ​to ​a ​host ​of
online ​platforms ​such ​as ​Square, ​Zipcar, ​and ​Revolut. ​Onfido’s ​machine ​learning ​technology
enables ​companies ​to ​automate ​checks ​on ​over ​600 ​document ​types ​across ​192 ​countries,
detecting ​anomalies ​automatically, ​and ​using ​human ​experts ​to ​verify ​outliers. ​This ​enables
high-growth ​companies ​to ​rely ​on ​Onfido’s ​identity ​verification ​technology ​as ​they ​scale,
seamlessly ​onboarding ​more ​customers ​while ​reducing ​the ​risk ​of ​fraud.
Husayn ​Kassai, ​CEO ​and ​co-founder ​of ​Onfido, ​stated, ​“The ​world ​is ​moving ​online, ​but ​the
means ​to ​carry ​out ​identity ​verification ​is ​frozen ​in ​time ​in ​an ​offline ​world. ​Millions ​of ​people
who ​don’t ​have ​a ​credit ​history ​– ​or ​just ​have ​a ​thin ​one ​– ​are ​unable ​to ​access ​everyday ​services.
With ​our ​identity ​verification ​technology, ​those ​underserved ​people ​can ​access ​online ​services
they ​need, ​and ​businesses ​can ​gain ​access ​to ​a ​whole ​new ​group ​of ​trusted ​customers.”
Kassai ​continued, ​“Just ​as ​money ​was ​required ​to ​oil ​the ​wheels ​of ​commerce ​in ​previous
centuries, ​your ​legal ​identity ​is ​pivotal ​to ​enable ​transactions ​as ​we ​move ​to ​a ​digital ​world. ​As
identity ​verification ​technology ​continues ​to ​evolve, ​it ​will ​become ​the ​key ​to ​remotely ​unlocking
a ​huge ​range ​of ​products ​globally, ​from ​banking ​and ​travel ​services ​through ​to ​voting ​and

This ​latest ​round ​brings ​Onfido’s ​funding ​to ​over ​$60M ​to ​date, ​including ​previous ​investment
from ​Wellington ​Partners, ​Idinvest, ​and ​CrunchFund. The ​new ​funding ​will primarily ​be
channeled ​into ​research ​and ​development ​in ​machine ​learning ​technology, ​and ​to ​meet
increasing ​customer ​demand ​in ​the ​US ​and ​other ​international ​markets.
Scott ​Sage, ​Partner ​at ​Crane, ​explained, ​“We ​invest ​in ​companies ​that ​have ​an ​‘unfair ​advantage’
in ​data. ​Onfido ​has ​proven ​itself ​with ​incredible ​traction ​in ​Europe ​and ​strong ​demand ​in ​the ​US
for ​its ​identity ​verification ​technology ​today. ​Onfido ​has ​one ​of ​the ​strongest ​machine ​learning
teams ​we’ve ​come ​across ​from ​all ​over ​Europe, ​and ​we’re ​excited ​to ​see ​how ​they ​continue ​to
combine ​data, ​image ​verification ​and ​fraud ​prevention ​technologies ​to ​enable ​businesses ​to
scale ​efficiently ​and ​safely.”

Onfido, ​headquartered ​in ​London, ​has ​offices ​in ​San ​Francisco, ​New ​York, ​Lisbon ​and ​New ​Delhi.
Founded ​in ​2012, ​the ​identity ​verification ​company ​has ​grown ​from ​25 ​to ​150 ​employees ​in ​just
over ​2 ​years, ​while ​growing ​revenue ​5x ​annually ​for ​the ​past ​three ​years.
“Smartphones are pervasive, powerful tools for accelerating the adoption of identity verification
processes,” said Itxaso del Palacio, investment partner, Microsoft Ventures. “Onfido’s reliable and
scalable intelligent services are helping millions of unbanked people worldwide access financial
services by allowing them to open bank accounts, be verified for a job and more with the touch
of ​a ​button. ​We’re ​proud ​to ​support ​its ​efforts ​with ​our ​investment.”
“Salesforce ​Ventures ​is ​committed ​to ​investing ​in ​technology ​that ​extends ​our ​intelligent
Customer ​Success ​Platform ​and ​makes ​our ​customers ​even ​more ​successful,” ​said ​John
Somorjai, ​EVP ​of ​Corporate ​Development ​and ​Salesforce ​Ventures, ​Salesforce. ​”As ​a ​company
applying ​machine ​learning ​to ​identity ​verification, ​Onfido ​is ​a ​prime ​example ​of ​the ​amazing
innovation ​and ​commitment ​to ​customers ​that ​we’re ​seeing ​in ​the ​Salesforce ​ecosystem.”

About ​Onfido
Onfido builds trust in an online world by helping businesses digitally verify people’s identities. Using
machine learning technology, Onfido validates a user’s identity document and compares it with their
facial biometrics. The identity can then be cross-referenced against international credit and watchlist
databases. Founded by three entrepreneurs from Oxford University, Onfido has received over $60m in
funding from investors including Microsoft Ventures, Salesforce Ventures and Crane Venture Partners.
Onfido carries out checks in 192 countries for global customers including Zipcar, Couchsurfing, Revolut
and ​Square.
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